Original Barbam Beard Oil 10ml (Dark)



Imagine the brooding scent of masculinity that cries “Don’t double cross me!” Imagine you could bottle masculinity…what would it smell like? How would it make you feel? This masculine fragrance is called DARK and specifically crafted for real men. It’s strong, dark and surprisingly refreshing…
Original Barbam beard oil is a must have for every type of beard, it ensures your beard gets the treatment it deserves. Original Barbam beard oil feeds the hair follicles and skin with essential oils, vitamins en minerals, which are essential for a healthy beard & to stimulate the beard growth.
Original Barbam beardoil gives the beard a soft touch, fresh scent and a healthy look.

Contains natural cinnamon essential oil, some people are allergic for it.

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Introducing Original Barbam’s premium Beard Oil – the ultimate solution for maintaining a healthy, well-groomed beard. Made from natural ingredients, this beard oil is perfect for men who want to keep their facial hair looking and feeling great. 

Original Barbam’s Beard Oil is specially formulated to nourish and hydrate your beard, leaving it feeling soft, shiny, and tangle-free. Its unique blend of all natural and organic ingredients work together to moisturize your skin and prevent itching, while also promoting healthy hair growth. 

Whether you have a short beard or a long one, Original Barbam’s Beard Oil is the perfect addition to your grooming routine. Its subtle, masculine scents will leave you feeling confident and refreshed all day long.

Strong masculine cinnamon scent. Vitis vinifera oil, Argania spinosa oil, Simmondsia chinenis, Tocopherol, PO Cinnamon.



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