Barber Pro Foaming Cleansing Mask


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The Barber Pro Foaming Cleansing Mask uses bubbles to give your face a micro massage, deeply cleansing and purifying the skin. 


  • Self-foaming 
  • Deeply cleansing 
  • Firming 
  • Clarifying 

The BARBER PRO Foaming Cleansing Mask is a self-foaming product that works deep into your pores to purify the skin and tackle blackheads. The formula refines your pores and reduces any oily areas, ensuring your skin looks smooth and healthy. 
Not only will it restore and replenish your skin health, but it will also actively work to improve your skin’s clarity, tone and elasticity, giving you a firm and bright complexion. 
A key ingredient is Activated Charcoal which acts as a magnet, drawing out impurities such as dirt, toxins and chemicals and leaving your skin feeling thoroughly clean and unclogged. This combined with rich AHA complex of lime, lemon, apple, orange and grapefruit ensures that the mask exfoliates and visibly brightens the skin. 
Our Foaming Cleansing Mask is 100% Plant Based and certified by the Vegan Society. 

1 Application / Sachet – 18ml


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